Best payday loans online for bad credit -Get a payday loan with bad credit now

All information about how we repaid loans in the past (including cash loans) is our credit history, which is recorded in BIK. In the Credit Information Bureau, 24 million Poles have data on this subject and they are both positive and negative. In the first case, it concerns information about the timely repayment of individual […]

Loans between individuals from several people to several people

The OTC loan is therefore a relatively restrictive solution, as much by its anxiety for the lender as the low probability of being able to use this remedy on the side of the borrower. It is therefore in this relatively unpredictable universe (on the one hand banks that are content to share the “cake” improperly, […]

Retired Credit – Non-bank Consumer Loan for Seniors

To cope with the challenges of retirement, seniors can use consumer loans. Without the intermediary of banks, the credit conso offers attractive conditions to reduce the cost of its loan, a need for a retiree with declining revenues. The figures of retirement After a busy working life comes the time of retirement. France has nearly […]